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Field Notes: Observations of Sebastian's life in the not-so-wild

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July 20, 2008

Sebastian's first week in his new home has been a busy one, at least in terms of a cat's typical schedule (among the many titles I considered for this blog was “Between Naps,” but was afraid readers would get the impression that Sebastian was lazy and lacked ambition). Getting settled into his new digs means contending with three cats, which I suppose ought to be a snap for Sebastian. In Pahrump, he had to negotiate with hundreds of cats — amidst a shortage of shelter, food, and water. In the Yurts, too, and later at Jill's Diner, he was surrounded by cats (though the conditions were obviously nothing like what he'd known in Pahrump). Sebastian has, I figure, had ample opportunity to hone his diplomatic skills.


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