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Charles Hollis Jones Portfolio

For submission to the Cooper-Hewitt Lifetime Achievement Award
February 2006

More than any other designer, Charles Hollis Jones has pushed the limits and explored the possibilities of acrylic—and in so doing, transformed a material once seen as a mere novelty into a symbol of good taste and luxurious living. Jones has bent, twisted, stretched, and cast acrylic for furniture, accessories, and architectural elements. He has carefully combined acrylic with various metals, frequently without the aid of any visible fasteners. He has developed a process whereby his acrylic pieces are cured, ensuring their molecular stability, strength, and long-term clarity. Soon, he will begin using a technique similar to that used for hand-blown glass.

Today—after more than 45 years as a practicing designer—Charles Hollis Jones is still pushing the limits and exploring the possibilities of his beloved acrylic. With a keen eye for composition, form, and scale—and a range of proprietary manufacturing processes—Jones continues to transform a material once seen a mere novelty into the epitome of cool luxury.  

Charles Hollis Jones

Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum

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