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Unstructured Play

Desert Living
February 2008

What makes The Big Break such a truly brilliant event is that it taps into the way these people are hardwired. You can't throw down this sort of gauntlet and not expect them to take it seriously. PK worked closely with Cindy Ritchie (whose firm Mindstream PR handles, well, PR for PK) and visual communication designer Tom Blanck (of tmbpartners, of which the aforementioned Ritchie is, well, a partner) to come up with the concept and nail down the details. “The nice thing about doing a project like this,” says Blanck, “is we actually put it in their lap … to understand what a structural engineer has to do. Because typically they don't think ‘structure'—they just think beautiful structure. Without these guys,” Blanck continues, gesturing toward the PK studio behind us, “none of the these buildings would exist—they have to think like these guys think.”


Desert Living

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