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Sniffing Out a Solution

Desert Living
September/October 2006

Larosa says his brand of creativity — the kind that gets strangers chatting — comes from the freedom to experiment. He chooses his projects carefully, preferring “to stay away from so-called ‘serious' pieces.” Larosa also stays away from focus groups, which he says are, “killing design, and the creativity in design.” He says, “If they eliminate focus groups, we're going to kick butt because then all the designers in this country will have the creativity and freedom to design whatever they want.” In Italy, “they don't care about focus groups. You hear people say, ‘Man, this is cool. Let's do it.' What do you have to lose, a couple hundred dollars for the prototypes? I may lose two hundred dollars, or I may make two hundred million!”


Desert Living

Larosa Design

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