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Phoenix: 21st Century City

Desert Living
December 2006

Phoenix: 21 st Century City (edited by Edward Booth-Clibborn, authored by Nan Ellin, distributed by Abrams Books) is probably going to stay pretty for only a short time. It's going to get paged through, slowly, repeatedly, and often, by you and all your friends. If you're the type who likes your books bright and crisp (spines suspiciously tight), you may want to buy a spare. In fact, most of us should consider buying several. In addition to a copy, or copies, for yourself, buy one for every friend and family member who is still asking (perhaps 10 years after your left) why the hell you moved to Phoenix in the first place. The holidays are right around the corner, don't forget. Not only that, this is a book that can win over hearts and minds. It is, as the Maricopa Partnership for Arts and Culture (MPAC, sponsors of the project that evolved into the book) puts it, “a unique opportunity to change perceptions about this region, both locally and internationally.”


Desert Living

Phoenix: 21st
Century City

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