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Once Bitten, Twice Shy

Las Vegas CityLife
May 22, 2008

Pancakes. That's what rescuers called the starving, dehydrated cats they discovered at the For the Love of Cats and Kittens (FLOCK) facility when Nye County Animal Control shut it down in July. Of the nearly 750 cats at the Pahrump cat sanctuary, some were in better shape than others, but even the best were pretty bad off.

“One hundred percent of the cats were in bad shape,” says Sherry Woodard, Animal Behavior Consultant for Best Friends, the Utah-based organization that temporarily took over the facility. “I mean, even the cats that seemed to be new arrivals — that looked like they were OK — they [had] all been exposed to contagious diseases and sickness.”

FLOCK's former president, Sharon Lee Allen, is now facing 13 misdemeanor charges related to animal cruelty and neglect for 125 animals (117 of them cats) seized from her home (in April, Allen pleaded not guilty). To date, however, nobody has been charged for what happened to the FLOCK cats.

Best Friends Network:
Nye County Cat Rescue

Las Vegas CityLife

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