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Man on a Mission

Desert Living
March 2008

It occurs to me only later, on the flight back to Phoenix, that what's made the greatest impression on me is not Shulman's keen ability to really see -- to create compelling photographs from the same ingredients we all have at our disposal. After all, the man has the reputation he has for good reason. Instead, what I am most struck by (and have come to envy) is his willingness to be surprised, his youthful sense of wonder. At 97, he is still delighted to discover the unexpected picture, the one everybody else has walked right past. And so he pays careful attention. It's a good lesson for all of us, and it's one that's critical to historic preservation -- finding the new and exciting in the old and familiar.


Desert Living

Shulman archives at The Getty

Julius Schulman:
Palm Springs

Palm Springs Art Museum

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