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Lux Coffeebar: Good Vibrations

Desert Living
July/August 2008

I've heard of more than one business along here retreating from the daily chaos of light rail construction, but Lux Coffeebar is thriving (had I gotten here a minute later, I'd be part of that line, now stretching nearly out the door). As near as I can tell (and let's face it: pretty much the only people who spend more time at Lux than I do are the people who are paid to be hereā€”in other words, I'm no casual observer), the loyal Lux patrons have scarcely noticed the inconvenience. Indeed, if Central were closed off entirely, it would be only a minor irritant. A column of the bleary-eyed faithful would march like ants each morning, east on Turney Avenue, across the empty parking lot (past the rarely-seen-in-the-city wildflowers out back), and through a front door they know as well as their own.


Desert Living

Lux Coffebar

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