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Kitsching for a Compliment

Desert Living
September/October 2006

That's all well and good for Mr. Adler, but where does that leave the rest of us? Since we likely do not live next door to a Mrs. Goldstein, we're pretty sure the solution does not lie just beyond those country-fried lace-trimmed damask curtains on the other side of our driveway. Which is where Adler comes in. As improbable as it might sound, Jonathan Adler is our Mrs. Goldstein. And why not? In 13 short years he's gone from selling his pottery out of his fourth-floor walk-up studio to designing interiors for posh (and wildly popular) resort hotels like the Parker Palm Springs. Indeed, it seems this humble potter may be poised to take over the world (though he says emphatically that he only wants to design it). Sound far-fetched? So did needlepoint pillows with 1970s muscle cars on them — until Jonathan Adler came along. And he's got help, too, in the form of his longtime partner — celebrity window dresser, author, and sometime-guest on America's Next Top Model , Simon Doonan, and their Norwich Terrier, Liberace.


Desert Living

Jonathan Adler

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