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From Junk to Funk

Desert Living
April 2006

The Phoenix, AZ junking scene has exploded in the past few years partly due to the strength of the mid-century Modern revival. Now that Modern designs from the 1950s, ‘60s, and ‘70s have been deemed legitimate in the antiques market, everybody, it seems, wants a “retro” look. For those of us who love good post-war design, there's plenty to see in Phoenix. Each shop has its own flavor, so it's worth checking out all of them. And with junking so hot now, inventories move quickly. Visit often, and if you see something you like, grab it before somebody else does. The best part about junking is that you simply don't know where you're going to find that perfect lamp, or that set of dishes you grew up with. More than anything, it's a treasure hunt full of surprises, frustrations, and plenty of history.


Desert Living

Phoenix Metro Retro

Red Modern Furniture

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