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Brave New Worlds

Desert Living
July/August 2006

Anybody who's into antiques knows the importance of provenance. A good story can make us look at that shabby old sofa in a completely new light. The same goes for new furniture. That chair we thought was trying a little too hard? Suddenly we're empathetic. Although most of us never get the opportunity for a behind the- scenes look at the latest furniture designs, that's about to change with Design Secrets: Furniture , in which author Laurel Saville reveals the inspirations and innovations behind some of today's most cutting edge home furnishings. Saville skillfully delivers the inside scoop on 50 projects from some of the most recognizable names in design (Ron Arad, Tom Dixon, Vladimir Kagan, Ross Lovegrove). Best of all, each story has a happy ending.


Desert Living

Design Secrets: Furniture

Dream Worlds: Architecture & Entertainment

Outdoor Spaces: Good Ideas

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