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A Fare to Remember: Design Research Findings Related to Wheelchair Securement on Large Transit Busses

Co-authored with Donald Herring

Industrial Designers Society of America
National Education Conference
July 2004

In the spring of 2002 researchers at the Human Factors Research Laboratory at Arizona State University began work on a project to improve wheelchair tie-down and securement systems (WTORS) on large transit buses. Before any improvements could be made, of course, we had to first understand how existing WTORS are used. To our surprise, however, what we discovered was an all too frequent pattern of misuse . We knew the existing design wasn't very user friendly (this was the basis for the project in the first place), but we had assumed from the start that it was being used. By shifting our focus to address this more fundamental issue, we came to understand why these systems are misused (or unused). This paper is a brief summary of our key findings.


Industrial Designers Society of America

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